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back to the big picture i'm sam arbonne coming up in this half hour if you have a cell phone your every keystroke may secretly be being. provided most cell phone users never heard of his major invasion of privacy and if you heard of the new three r.'s reading writing and ad revenue and in this week's geeky science new research shows the video games do for your child's brain but it might not be too late.
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you might want to think twice about what is search for on the internet and he sent a text message to a new smartphone that's because a piece of software known as carrier i.q. was recently discovered buried deep within millions of cell phones including no here android rim devices that is tracking everything you type at twenty five year old systems administrator in connecticut named trevor at. discover the existence of carrier i.q. while working on his h t c evo phone software logs each keystroke a person makes along with a person's location and other data and sends that information back to carrier i.q. scores or at least apparently as for what they do with the personal information. we're going. to release a statement on its website after the story broke saying information gathered by carrier i.q. is done so for the exclusive use of that customer carrier i.q. does not sell personal subscriber information to third parties but the company brags that their software is installed on over one hundred forty million phones
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just how troubling is this and is it legal for more on this i'm joined by. national security council what tronic privacy information center and he welcome thank you good to have you with us. i look up carrier i.q. is web site and they actually say right on their website carrier i.q. is unique in this way in the wireless industry because we are the only company the only company embedding software diagnostic software in millions of subscribers cellphones then they can get they said this is actionable intelligence capital. but the whole is going on here well that carrier i.q. was supposed to be doing is basically doing diagnostic work and it's working what done with your cell phone you want to know where bad network spaces where a phone is going to work and when your phone is switched off this is you know basic cell phone work but we're actually finding that they're doing what we know that they're doing is they're tracking not only every keystroke so text message content
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searches every website you visit phone number style but it's also tracking information such as when you turn your phone on and off or when you turn the volume up or down up and down on your phone or what screen you're visiting on your phone. and then there are third ways there are also tracking in for locational information so there's these three categories of data they're all being tracked and collected on the phone but we don't know and what nobody knows at this point is what actually is being sent back to the software company we know all of this information is coming in we know something is going out but we don't know what is. how did this happen in the first place was this. if it seems that that this this kind of information you know it's like the marketing information that was the whole big thing about cookies you know a decade ago when people figured out about cookies hey they're keeping track of where i go and and then it's like oh hey that's kind of nice amazon now tells me
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what you know and you know what i want and some people are like very happy about it other people are creeped out by it in their privacy in your browser but. was this like this company came to the software phone companies and said let us the other some information that we can sell for marketing purposes and and you know we'll pay you to put the software on the phone or to the phone companies go to them and say we need this diagnostics were so we can figure out of our own systems or go fluey i mean any idea whose business relationship came about at this point we don't know how the business relationship came about we do know that there are many companies out there who do the diagnostic work that carrier he was supposed to do on phones all have this on their services for instance earlier this year when apple had the locational tracking. kind of scandal if you want to call it that come up where they were tracking every location that you had bene at they were doing that for systems purposes now it came out they didn't need to be tracking a lot of the information that they were tracking and they went back in decided that
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they were going to fix that and not track every place you had by maybe just the last place that you would be doing in those small exactly so this is data that's legitimately you not all of the data but some of the state a huge adamantly want to be collected this is something that this carriers want to know where are we working so they need to so they'll find out where they need to put another tower or exactly where they're going to. and yeah a lot of you know every keystroke is like ok so now they know my e-mail address now they know my password you know they know my bank account number and you know my password if that is all being logged is that all being logged into the phone we know it's all being collected by the phone he is if you watch the videos that he put on line of travel and when he discovered all of this information you're seeing what websites you put into your browser and lets you go to google and you search for something you're seeing what you're searching for you're also seen with text messages you're sending out which i think to start people
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a little bit is that not only that you're sending a text message and that it went through but what was in that message and what you're sending out there i think there's an assumption of privacy. that there actually is a law of the of the electronic communications privacy act that was passed in one thousand nine hundred six and it prohibits the interception of electronic communications and it's quite likely that this practice that's going on is against that law because the state is being corrupted it's so are there any legal challenges no carrier huge or any of these phones cell phone they're not currently in this information has really just been coming out the last week we expect to see a lawsuit very soon probably a class action is ever going to participate warner you just almost as if we don't participate in the class action lawsuits we do often file complaints with administrative agencies with the f.t.c. with the f.c.c. we are exploring those options and seeing how we can go about fixing this is really what we want to do we want to take action and see how we can take a practice that's unlawful that's invasive and make it so it's more privacy
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friendly and more friendly to the consumer how can how can a consumer know if this is on their phone or disabled or stop it or make it. so it's not at least capturing the password or the bacca well the average consumer can't know it on their phone and won't it's actually designed the routes are designed so they're not trackable they're not. listed as a program that's running you're really not going to know it's never on your phone there are some security researchers that are trying to find a way to turn it off to let that regular consumer know how to turn it off and i really have only started seeing the stories come up within the last hour or so i haven't been able to figure out if it works or what how that's going to play out or not that's amy thanks so much for coming thanks so much farming us on the great research that you're doing follow the money information can be sold in your information may well be part of that sale the next question that hasn't yet been answered as far as i can find out so much carrier i.q.
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paid the cell phone companies to put its software on their phones or are they pairing carrier i.q. somebody here is making a book and your privacy pretty much no longer exists. but in a few hours playing video games never hurt anyone right well like again the results of a new study presented this week at the end your meeting of the radiological society of north america in chicago shows the plane bylane video games measurably alters the regions of the brain associated with cognitive function and emotional control after just one week of game play for the study healthy adult males or i'm talking about children here this was this was the young people ranging in age from eighteen to twenty nine who were not already avid video game players were randomly assigned
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into two groups members of the first group were instructed to play a violent video game for ten hours of at home for a full week and then for the following week not play the game or play in the game the second group did not play a violent video game at all during the entire two week period. each group of men underwent functional magnetic resonance imaging or f.m.r.i. each individual all of them at the beginning of the study with followup exams at one week in two weeks m.r. eyes are a special kind of m.r.i. scan used to measure the change in blood flow related to neural activity in the brain and since every part of the brain needs blood to function and calls for more blood working hard an f. m.r.i. actually lets you see both the brain structure and the brain at work during the f. m.r.i. the participants completed an emotional interference task present buttons according to the color of visually presented words words indicating violent actions or mixed
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with nonviolent action words the participants also completed accounting tasks that measure their cognitive thinking and memory abilities the results showed that after one week of violent video game playing. the video game group members showed significantly less activity during the emotional task in the left inferior frontal lobe or we inhibit ourselves from doing or saying things we think are wrong and also showed less activity and the anterior cingulate guy at the cortex which regulates everything from blood pressure to decision making in understanding things that are in the county jails but after the second week without gameplay the changes to these regions were somewhat diminished but they were still present because these are the brain regions that are important for controlling emotion and aggressive behavior and human beings results indicate that people who have prolonged exposure to video games become busy illogically as in physical changes in the brain physiologically disposed to more aggressive behavior and lower emotional function
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but the researchers were quick to point out that learning any new activity causes changes in brain activity that are visible under f. m.r.i. scans so the study doesn't prove that it's specifically playing violent games to havior more research needs to be done to conclusively prove that link with the study is important because even though the controversy over whether or not violent video games are potentially harmful to users has raged for many years the supreme court even heard a case on it last year this is the first scientific evidence that violent video games actually do have a tactical effect on the brain the fact that the areas affected appear to be related to cognitive function and emotional control are very concerning the good news for parents is that the changes did diminished greatly after a week of not playing the games. but can you imagine the impact on a kid who regularly plays these games or goes off to war where it's even more intense and not a game at all if ever there was an argument for some old school entertainment like anything that doesn't involve video or tronics video games or absence is it and do
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you know that for never again jumping into a war that is an absolutely offensive unnecessary. coming up in tonight's daily take of the one nine hundred sixty s. we were told that by the year two thousand americans we're living in a leisure society where our biggest problem would be how to manage all our extra leisure time so what went wrong. what drives the world the fear mongering used by politicians who makes decisions come to the breakthrough get through it if you hadn't made who can you trust no one who is your interview with the global missionary see where we had a state controlled capitalism is called satchels when nobody dares to ask we do our t. question more.
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cash strapped schools around the country have turned to other methods to raise money now that mostly republican governors are slashing education budgets for example after for governor rick scott slashed nearly two billion dollars out of the state's education budget budget the miami dade public school system county public school system is having to sell advertising space to corporations so they can target school kids similar school advertising proposals are being negotiated in
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georgia as well an open letter to the douglas county board of education in georgia we're going to zation public citizen at last a decision to bring corporate advertising into the classroom writing we know your primary concern is to avoid short changing students as a result budget cuts however subjecting children to even greater amounts of advertising is the wrong response it will raise little revenue undermining douglas county's educational and child develop mission development mission educational institution should promote civic virtue and the public good not commercial value is joining me now is public citizens expert on commercialism. elizabeth bennet bene shy it was with a walk and thank you very much for joining us what kind of lesson are we teaching kids in school with advertising in their classrooms. what we think of public citizen is that really teaching students that everything has a price including their education really teaching students how to become consumers
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instead of good citizens who are able to think critically to question established ideas to you know develop as human beings which is what we think public education should really be about i've seen textbooks that are examples of textbooks where they're doing product inserts if i have three milky way bars and i eat one of them how many do i have you know that kind of thing is that so. still going i know there was a big you know there's a good for about that rubber ducky you know and is that the kind of thing that we're talking about here or is this more you know posters on the walls or. well it really is that status symbol yeah it really runs the gamut i think there are still some things like you're talking about there are corporations who are really contributing to the curriculum there was one case called trade organization that was shaping the curriculum in a way that was weeding out key information about things like toxic waste and greenhouse gases but we're also seeing
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a lot of you know posters within schools advertising wrapped around lockers recently there was a story a couple weeks ago about ads on report cards in which means the. sports field so you know it's really everywhere school buses this is going to go a long going around for a long time. public confession here back in the seventy's i worked in the ever pushing industry and the thing that drove me out was i wrote a twenty four page booklet that went into the thirty forty million schools for one of the nation's largest cereal companies quote sugar the essential nutrients and i still. feel guilty about that. is it will this will this plan how does the ad thing how was how was it you know explicitly i mean there are schools like basically putting themselves up for sale and naming prices well that's a good question because one of the things that we found is you know school districts
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are saying well you know we're in these crises we really need the money this is you know our hands are tired we have to do this but in fact school advertising programs tend not to be very lucrative there are a lot of companies that actually specialize in brokering agreements between school districts and advertise agencies basically yeah they focus specifically on students and they're basically. capitalizing on the commercialization of the education system and there's just hundreds of them around the country that are mushrooming some schools do it in-house but we found that you know some of the biggest school districts in the country with budgets that are hundreds of millions of dollars they're bringing in maybe forty fifty thousand dollars a year from advertising so it's really a drop in the bucket when it comes to their budgetary problems and the consequences well are our students are being essentially sold out. and advertising is not for altruistic reasons it's done because it produces
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a response and. a lot of studies done on brand loyalty at different ages if you can get. people this is one of the reasons why i should back up is we're targeting changers if you can establish brand loyalty to a particular before puberty you may well have that for a person's entire lifetime but there's you know what i started out a few minutes ago the structures of the brain actually change learning happens. how do we how do we fight this. well you know i mean around the country there are some parents groups that are mobilizing to resist these sorts of intrusions into the education system at the board level so some of the braver and more outspoken members are speaking out against it but it is a really difficult situation and unfortunately more and more you know each week i'm seeing multiple stories from around the country of another district that's considering going down this path and they have these companies that are also pressuring them they're saying we can help you out we can we can make these deals
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for you you don't have to do anything but we're going to take a cut and sometimes like these middlemen take is up to fifty percent of the revenues of advertisements. a new report from yale the soda companies are aggressively targeting minorities. you know with products that cause obesity and. our schools play right into their hands and we have this nationwide epidemic of obesity it's particularly bad in poor communities. and now these companies are coming in and saying the market i mean this is there's a it's not just an element of you know what's. good educational policy there's also is a moral there's a public health issue here yeah there's certainly is a public health issue and you know one of the one study that looked at pennsylvania and new york found that not surprisingly it's the schools that are worst off in the
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lowest income schools that are turning to these types of advertising programs most often and of course those are the schools that are more likely to have students of color as their main constituents so reinforcing that study that you mentioned about the sugary drinks. now we have these advertisers going into schools that are targeting low income and minority students in particular has there been any any examples of anything beyond product to for example have political candidates are already started marketing themselves through schools and you know a lot of the districts do you have policy is allowing me so i haven't seen much of that there are some districts where the u.s. army advertises there's one out of florida so that's very interesting but if if you have to have a policy to stop it that means there's somebody out there trying to make it happen yeah absolutely and so in a place without a policy to do it well this is this is this is going to be a wake up for parents across america yeah it's like join the local p.t.a.
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run for the school board get active and speak out a little thanks so much for having. schools for learning not for selling pot for going to get our news media for this concert to. this week democrats want to pay for a tax cut for working class people with a three percent increase in income taxes on people who have earned over a million dollars a year and the taxes are only k.p.n. on the one million and first dollar republicans of course are opposed they want to pay for the tax cut for working people by firing thousands of working people but
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all employees driving up unemployment and making the economy really really bad for obama in the twenty five elections but what's really amazing is how timid a proposal this is by the democrats and how insane the republican responses taxes affect behavior especially millionaires behavior but not of the way that the you've been spoon fed by billionaire front groups like the heritage foundation cato institute reason foundation fox news of the wall street journal just take a look at recent history in one thousand nine hundred sixty six article time magazine looking ahead toward the future and what the rise of automation would mean for average americans what the articles about it conclude by two thousand the machines will be producing so much that everyone in the us will in fact be independently wealthy with government benefits even non-working families will have by one estimate an annual income of thirty to forty thousand dollars and that was
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nine hundred sixty six dollars if you like a hundred thousand one hundred twenty thousand dollars a year not how to use leisure meaningfully would be a major problem for of the article. the promise was simple with better technology companies would become more efficient they'd be able to make more things and last time profits would skyrocket americans are bring all the higher and higher paychecks and all the while working russ and less so by the year two thousand back in one thousand nine hundred six looking forward things would look like this.
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we would endure what was referred to as the leisure society and the only problems facing america would be just how the heck everyone would use all that extra leisure time what kind of things would people get into the nation has lots of money and lots of free time on their hands and as we know today we wish that was our biggest problem turns out predictions about the leisure society were dead wrong is this chart shows productivity here now it shows that he did increase significantly during the one nine hundred sixty s. and this actually starts from one hundred forty seven up to two thousand mostly thanks to automation better technology unfortunately wages didn't and neither did leisure time. in the one nine hundred fifty s. before that time magazine article predicted the leisure society was written the average american working in manufacturing put in about forty two hours of work
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a week that a average working people put in a factory but forty hours a week meaning despite the fact that productivity has increased four hundred percent since one nine hundred fifty americans are only working on average two hours less a week just two hours less that's it think about the math if productivity is four times higher today than one hundred fifty an american should be able to work four times less for just ten hours a week to afford the same one nine hundred fifty s. lifestyle when a family of four could get by on just one paycheck own a home own a car put the kids through school take a vacation every now and then and were inspired comfortable that is the definition of the leisure society ten hours of work a week the rest of the time spent with family travel with creativity with whatever you want oddly though most americans today can't get by working forty or even fifty hours and in fact twenty percent of our country one fifth of us live with into
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economic insecurity meaning they can't afford all of life's essentials like health care transportation food so the question is why did this happen why despite the fact that automation did drastically increase productivity why did the leisure society never emerge what went wrong for the answer we should ask this guy this guy because it's his tax cuts which are the reason why we all don't live leisure society today in one hundred sixty six when that article was written the top income tax rate was seventy percent and what that effectively did was encourage c.e.o.'s to keep more money in their businesses to invest in new technology to pay their workers more to hire new workers and expand their companies after all what's the point of sucking millions and millions of dollars out of your business if it's going to tax the seventy percent. thinking that way suddenly businesses became way more profitable and efficient thanks to automation and that money would flow
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throughout the business raising everyone's standard of living increase in everyone's leisure time were the reagan drop that top tax rate down to twenty eight percent everything changed now as businesses became more profitable it was far more incentive for the c.e.o.'s and senior executives to pull those profits out of a company and pocket them because suddenly they were paying an incredibly low tax rate and that's exactly what they did all those new profits thanks to automation that were supposed to go to everyone giving us all higher paychecks and more time off when just to the top one percent were just about three hundred forty five thousand millionaires as this chart shows everyone's wealth is pretty much stagnated since the reagan tax cut except for the top one percent this is the other ninety nine percent thanks to reaganomics our national focus shifted from our we can be more efficient make things better create a middle class to as a c.e.o.
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suck as much money out of the whatever sector i work in from any pressure now if there are gradations that became the site that money so yeah the leisure society did come to america but only the one percenters enjoy it and until we roll back the reagan tax cuts and restore the equilibrium that came with tax rates that built this nation through the one nine hundred forty s. fifty's sixty's and seventy's it's a time of america's middle class as fast as the most solid growth in history and the leisure society will never be reality for the average american roll back the reagan tax cuts now. as the big picture for tonight for more information on the stories we covered visit our website it's on martin dot com free speech dot org dot com also check out our two of you tube channels or links to tom harkin dot com also john harshman our com check out all the different ways you can send us your feedback and don't forget democracy begins with you get out there and get active tag your it occupies something the seat of.
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the official like a show. called touch from the. video on demand. and since feeds in the palm of your. question on the cong.


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